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Thank you for your interest in P4 and for subscribing to the P4
announcement mailing list. Today a few quick notes related to P4.

P4 and OVS

P4 appeared in multiple talks at the November Open vSwitch conference. 

 	* Johann Tonsing mentioned P4 in his talk on accelerating OVS.
 	* P4 was discussed during John Fastabend's talk on Flow APIs for
hardware offloads.
 	* Dan Talayco presented Programmable Parsing and P4 to the Open
vSwitch community listing the benefits of supporting programmable
parsing in OVS. This would allow OVS to support newer protocols and
changes to existing ones with greater agility and ease. It would also be
an important step towards supporting P4 and protocol independent
forwarding in OVS.

Slides for all the talks are available at:

http://openvswitch.org/support/ovscon2014/ [1]

Intermediate Representations: AIR-IRI

If you're interested in P4, you might also be interested in AIR-IRI, an
open source project under the Open Networking Foundation. This project
defines an intermediate representation (and associated metalanguage) for
languages like P4. It includes a Python based simulator. It is available

https://github.com/OpenNetworkingFoundation/air_iri [2]

Give us Feedback

Got Feedback? Let us know by sending an email to feedback at p4.org. We're
particularly interested to know what you would find most useful to
enable you to use P4.


[1] http://openvswitch.org/support/ovscon2014/
[2] https://github.com/OpenNetworkingFoundation/air_iri
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