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Mon Jun 1 02:31:04 EDT 2015

We are pleased to announce the new P4.org website (featuring our mascot, 
Packet the P4 Polar Bear).
The website should make it easier to find the introductory video 
<http://p4.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/p4-demo-video-full.mp4> and 
open-source code <http://p4.org/code/>.

We have also added a new blog <http://p4.org/blog/>. The first post 
<http://p4.org/p4/lets-get-started/> by Jennifer Rexford and Nick 
McKeown explains the goals and aspirations of P4.org.

We are getting lots of interest in P4 from researchers and companies 
(software, chip, and systems); a few companies and universities have 
joined already and several more have expressed interest. If you or your 
company would like to join <http://p4.org/join-us/> P4.org, just let us 
know. Membership is free; you just need to sign the standard Apache 
Contributors' Agreement.

We are expecting more open-source code and blog posts to be contributed 
to P4.org over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out. If you have code or 
comments to contribute, let us know.

The P4 Language Consortium.

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