[P4-announce] New contribution to P4.org: An Open source P4 switch with SAI support

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Tue Jun 16 21:26:50 EDT 2015

P4 Language Consortium is excited to announce the following new 

An open source P4 switch with Switch Abstraction Interface(SAI) support.


Open pipeline description for a fully functional L2/L3 switch. This is 
now one of the targets under the p4factory repository.

Currently following features are supported:

  * Basic L2 switching: VLAN flooding and STP
  * Basic L3 Routing: IPv4 and IPv6 and VRF
  * LAG
  * ECMP
  * Unicast RPF check
  * Tunneling: VXLAN and NVGRE (including L2/L3 Gateway), Geneve, and GRE
  * Basic ACL: MAC and IP ACLs

_SAI Support on switch.p4:_

Open source (.h/.c) switchsai and switchapi libraries implementing 
support for SAI(v0.9.2) on switch.p4 pipeline.

Currently the following features are supported via SAI:

  * Basic L2 switching: VLAN flooding and STP
  * Basic L3 Routing: IPv4, IPv6 and VRF
  * LAG
  * ECMP
  * Unicast RPF check

For more details on this contribution check out the following links

Blog post on P4.org - 

Code and documentation on GitHub:

switch.p4 - 
switchsai - https://github.com/p4lang/switchsai
switchapi - https://github.com/p4lang/switchapi 

Note: If you are updating your repos by pulling the latest version of 
master you also need to run 'git submodule update --init --recursive'

P4 Language Consortium.

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membership [at] p4 [dot] org
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