[P4-announce] The Tao of P4

Nick McKeown nickm at stanford.edu
Tue Jun 16 05:26:49 EDT 2015

Dear P4 developers:

Interest in P4 is picking up at quite a pace and we think it's time to 
hold regular meetings to guide the evolution of the P4 language and 
development of open-source tools. We are planning to hold one meeting 
every two weeks to start with; a mix of in-person meetings and 
conference calls (details still need to be worked out).

Chang Kim accepted our invitation to chair the P4 meetings to start 
with. Many of you know Chang already from his days as a PhD student at 
Princeton with Jen, his tenure with Microsoft Azure Networking, and in 
his current position at Barefoot. As chair, Chang will gather input from 
the community, and pick the technical agenda for the meetings.

We've been thinking about how best to run the meetings, so as to keep 
things simple and informal with as little process as possible. Inspired 
by the early days of OpenFlow and IETF, this is how we're going to try 
it to start with:

  * Anyone can attend the meetings, but P4.org <http://p4.org/> will
    only be able to accept code contributions from P4 members (who have
    signed the Apache CLA).
  * We will adopt a general principle of "rough consensus and running
    code". No formal votes, just a show of hands to indicate whether we
    have rough consensus. If it becomes unmanageable, then we'll
    institute formal voting.
  * If the meetings really get stuck (which we doubt), Jen and I will
    help out by acting as "tie breakers".

This is an experiment and we will learn as we go and we will keep 
revisiting and fine-tuning the approach. At some point we might grow to 
where we need a little more formality. In the meantime, feel free to 
email us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Onwards and upwards....

- Jen and Nick
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