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If you haven’t already seen them, there have recently been some
substantial new contributions to the P4 language open source
repositories.  The first is an application called “switchlink”, which
is effectively a netlink listener than builds on top of the switchsai and
switchapi libraries.  Switchlink allows you to build (and modify!) an
L2/L3 switching device that has both a fully featured P4 soft-switch (based
on the earlier switch.p4 contribution) and adding a complete L2/L3 control
plane interface with routing support via Quagga.

In addition, a framework based on mininet and docker has been contributed
that allows users to build a virtual network of these P4 devices, with the
ability to define and connect multiple p4 softswitches and linux container
hosts.    Hop on over to the p4lang top level repo page or just follow
the direct links below for all the details and start coding…

(Adds the switchlink piece that allows for Linux + MSTP/Quagga integration)

(Adds SAI host interface support from before for protocol send/receive)

(Adds Switchapi host interface support from before for protocol

(Talks about mininet + docker topologies)

(Basic ping cases on mininet + docker based network of nodes running
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