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Changhoon Kim, who many of you know, has submitted a presentation for
consideration at the end of October.  The mission of P4 dovetails very
nicely with OpenStack – programmability, access to information by end
users, and collaborative, incremental development.   Openstack summit
presentations are chosen by expressions of interest from the public, so
please head over to the voting portal and help us promote the P4 langauge
by voting (and attending
if you can!)


OPENSTACK SUMMIT PAGE:  https://www.openstack.org/summit/

/P4 (http://www.p4.org) is an open source declarative language for
expressing how packets are processed by a network forwarding element. P4
programs can be used to define or specify data plane functionality for a
variety of targets, such as programmable silicon switches, software
switches (e.g. OVS), FPGAs, programmable NICs, and Linux-based software
forwarding planes.

P4 provides constructs for specifying packet parsing, packet header and
metadata manipulation, table-driven header field matching, execution of
packet-manipulation actions, and packet reassembly. Many standard network
protocols can be expressed using these primitives; moreover, new protocols
and extensions can be easily implemented and deployed.

This presentation gives an overview of the current version of the P4
language and showcases some powerful use cases of programmable network data
plane, which can offer an unprecedented amount of control and management
capability to the OpenStack network controller (Neutron). The presentation
also includes a demo showing a software switch whose forwarding behavior is
expressed entirely using P4. Finally, the presentation summarizes the
current status of the P4 Language Consortium along with its plan and
vision.    /  
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