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Christian Esteve Rothenberg chesteve at dca.fee.unicamp.br
Tue Aug 20 12:23:32 EDT 2019

We thought this could be of interest to the P4 community.

We are starting to think about potential use case applications of P4
dataplanes in 802.11 APs (and eventually LTE and 5G BSs) beyond those
proposed in OpenFlow-based SDWN

Christian and Ramon

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Subject: P4 + Mininet-WiFi
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Hello all,

I just added 2 examples with the use of P4 and Mininet-WiFi. If you're
working with P4 you may want to take a look at this repository:

* exercises/basic-wifi refers to a scenario with 4 APs and 4 stations and;
* exercises/mixed-wifi-wired refers to a scenario with APs, stations and
switch. In this example I create a simple WiFi protocol where you can
drop/forward packets based on RSSI - video demo:


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