[P4-announce] Publishing Code Developed for Intel(R) Tofino

Barefoot FASTER research at barefootnetworks.com
Fri May 22 12:50:06 EDT 2020

Dear P4 Community:

I am excited to share some incredible news!

What is the announcement?

Intel has given permission to the P4 community to openly publish the data
and control plane code written for Tofino.

Who is this for?

This is targeted towards all Tofino users, including Academia and Research
organizations that are using Tofino to conduct networking research.

What can you do with this?

You can publish your P4 or control plane code developed for Tofino.

How can the community take advantage of this?

Become a member of the FASTER program <https://barefootnetworks.com/faster/> to
openly collaborate with more than 130 research institutions and commercial
organizations all over the world. It’s a simple process - check out the
admission requirements and apply today!


Special shout out to teams that have their SIGCOMM papers accepted and are
part of the FASTER program: You can now go before the SIGCOMM Artifacts
Evaluation Committee to be assessed for the Artifacts Badge.

If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to reach out to
research at barefootnetworks.com.

Happy hacking,

Vladimir Gurevich
Director, FASTER program.
Barefoot Networks, an Intel company.
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