[P4-announce] P4 Ecosystem Outreach

Timon Sloane timon at opennetworking.org
Tue Jun 2 17:09:12 EDT 2020


As a follow up to the very successful P4 Roundtable Series, the ONF is
surveying the P4 community to establish an ecosystem reference map to help
create a common understanding and visualization for how all the various
companies, universities and projects leverage the P4 programming language
to build a wide variety of solutions. We believe that with an understanding
of the ecosystem, the community can better work together towards mutually
beneficial goals and newcomers to the ecosystem can use the mapping to
identify potential collaborators, partners and suppliers.

Please take a moment to review our beta version of the P4 ecosystem diagram
below. We invite you to participate by identifying how your organization
would best be placed and represented in this diagram based upon your
current activities (in one or more places in this diagram).

We will try to incorporate all feedback and then publish a final rendition
on the P4 and ONF websites in order to help everyone better navigate the
growing P4 ecosystem.

Thanks again for your participation in the P4 Roundtable Series, and I look
forward to hearing from you.




Timon Sloane
VP Marketing & Ecosystem
Open Networking Foundation <http://opennetworking.org>
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