[P4-Apps] Meeting minutes: March 29, 2018

Mukesh Hira mhira at vmware.com
Sun Apr 1 12:20:58 EDT 2018

Dear P4 apps community,

Minutes for March 29 meeting have been posted to the Wiki


Following items will be considered for inclusion in the INT specifications after version 1.0:

  *   Use of IPv4 options to indicate presence of INT after L4 headers
  *   Opaque/extension reports

Following changes were reviewed and approved for inclusion in version 1.0 of the specifications:

  *   Piggybacked metadata is being removed and will be considered after 1.0 based on discussion of relevant use cases.
  *   Congestion state metadata is being removed as it is somewhat redundant with queue occupancy.
  *   Miscellaneous editorial changes.

Following the discussion on INT, we had an excellent presentation by Xiaozhou Li on another exciting P4 application - Netcache: A high performance in-network key-value cache.

Further details can be found in the meeting minutes.

We are close to sending out INT version 1.0 candidate specifications with a last call for editorial changes, we will send a follow up email in the week of April 2 regarding this.

The next working group meeting will be held on April 19 (not on the scheduled bi-weekly date of April 12). We will continue with the usual bi-weekly cadence from April 19.


Mukesh Hira

JK Lee
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