[P4-Apps] Releasing telemetry specs v1.0

Jeongkeun Lee jklee at barefootnetworks.com
Sat Apr 21 17:09:56 EDT 2018

Dear P4 Apps WG members,

INT and Telemetry Report specs v1.0 have been released!

Spec PDFs:

v1.0 tagged git tree:

v1.0 revisions improve clarity and critical aspects for production
deployments and interoperability.

The major changes in INT v1.0 include
- Improve INT operations in MTU handling, checksum update, DSCP encoding
- Improve efficiency, consolidating redundant fields and headers
- Probe Marker support in INT over TCP/UDP
- Reference code in PSA architecture, changed from v1model

Major change in Telemetry Report spec v1.0 is
- INT-like flexible format allowing arbitrary combinations of telemetry

We greatly appreciate everyone who directly contributed to the specs and
those who participated in the numerous WG discussions.

JK Lee
Mukesh Hira
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