[P4-Apps] Meeting minutes: September 6, 2018

Mukesh Hira mhira at vmware.com
Mon Sep 10 17:37:09 EDT 2018

Dear working group members,

Minutes of the September 6th working group meeting have been posted to the Wiki (https://github.com/p4lang/p4-applications/wiki<https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Furldefense.proofpoint.com%2Fv2%2Furl%3Fu%3Dhttps-3A__github.com_p4lang_p4-2Dapplications_wiki%26d%3DDwMFAw%26c%3DLFYZ-o9_HUMeMTSQicvjIg%26r%3DL8xEOlgdBq1uWS6Ojs6MsQ%26m%3DI4BjmYPRRoiogiCktEfqMvMFCZA0hxkHeddFnoy0FkM%26s%3DtfqCLQ4pw_PdNrowhoTB5aMYu2DFQXb5Uopg9KNR1jk%26e%3D&data=02%7C01%7Cmhira%40vmware.com%7C324dd731b8fa4c87dd0b08d6070697c9%7Cb39138ca3cee4b4aa4d6cd83d9dd62f0%7C1%7C0%7C636704122251762485&sdata=9MHUvHzUnpT4obltVu1Y2aIqlopsHmC7a%2FDGbfF8MbY%3D&reserved=0>)

Most of the meeting time slot was used up in a detailed discussion on INT domain specific extensions, and we did not have time for other items that were on the agenda. But the good news is that we did close on a number of open questions around this. Please see the meeting minutes for details. Please watch out for a pull request with corresponding edits in the INT specification, please review the edits and feel free to raise any concerns you may have.

Besides the other items on the agenda that carry over to subsequent meetings, the following questions were brought up in the open discussion towards the end of the meeting. Please let us know if you have use-cases for these and would like these to be addressed at a subsequent meeting.

  *   Support for INT over MPLS to allow telemetry over a MPLS Label Switched Path
  *   INT metadata for queue occupancy in architectures with shared buffers and dynamic thresholding. If queue occupancy is reported in absolute terms as the number of bytes/cells/packets in the queue, such queue occupancy is well defined. But if queue occupancy is to be reported relative to the queue depth or queue drop threshold, then shared buffers and dynamic thresholding need to be addressed in such a relative definition of queue occupancy

Next meeting will be held in two weeks, on September 20, 2018. Meeting agenda and location will be announced closer to the date.

Thank you

Mukesh Hira
JK Lee
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