[P4-arch] P4 TM SubWG Minutes and Prototypes

Steve Ibanez sibanez at stanford.edu
Thu Nov 15 17:27:11 EST 2018

Hi Everyone,

I've added a some notes from today's meeting to the google drive folder
[1]. I've also extended the P4 prototypes doc [2] with some observations
about active queue management implementations. Namely:

   - Common AQM congestion signals and what I think are the minimal buffer
   extern requirements that would allow P4 programs to generate all desired
   congestion signals
   - Metrics that are commonly used to evaluate the goodness (i.e.
   performance & implementation feasibility) of AQM algorithms
   - Common P4 constructs amongst various AQM algorithms

These observations are surely incomplete so please add to them as you see
fit. Also, I'm looking for someone that would like to draft a P4 prototype
for an AQM scheme that we haven't covered yet before the next meeting (Nov
29th). Perhaps one of the following: AVQ [3], LRED [4], READ [5]. I think
it would be nice to start off the next few meetings with a quick 5-10 min
P4 prototype overview.

Soon, we will start to evaluate our P4 prototypes. To do this, it would be
helpful to have existing implementations of AQM schemes. So if you find any
implementations (Linux qdisc, NS3, NS2, etc.) please add those to the
prototypes doc as well.


[1] Meeting Minutes:
[2] P4 AQM prototype doc:
[3] AVQ: http://vision.gel.ulaval.ca/~klein/qos/qos_rep/avq.pdf
[4] LRED: https://www.cnsr.ictas.vt.edu/publication/01354476.pdf
[5] READ: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/892022
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