[P4-arch] P4 Traffic Management Meeting Notes

Steve Ibanez sibanez at stanford.edu
Thu Nov 29 15:15:11 EST 2018

Hi Everyone,

I've added a few notes from today's meeting to the google drive folder

Now that ns3-bmv2 <https://github.com/PIFO-TM/ns3-bmv2> is up and running
we can start evaluating our P4 AQM prototypes. See the red prototype
implementation as an example. I don't think implementing these AQM
prototypes will be particularly challenging, it mainly requires time to
read the paper and write the P4 code. In fact, I think implementing P4 AQM
prototypes is a great way for students to learn how to write P4 programs.
If anyone has any students that might be interested in helping with this
effort I'd be happy to advise them, just shoot me an email.

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