[P4-arch] P4.org Announces John L. Hennessy as P4 Workshop Keynote Speaker

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Wed Mar 13 13:05:39 EDT 2019

Dear P4 Community:

P4.org is delighted to announce that John L. Hennessy will be the 
keynote speaker for the 2019 P4 Workshop. John is well-known for his 
academic contributions to computer architecture, including the 
influential MIPS project, which led to the broad adoption of RISC 
architectures in industry and the widely-used textbook "Computer 
Architecture: A Quantitative Approach," co-authored with David Patterson 
from Berkeley. He served as 10th president of Stanford University from 
2000-2016 and currently serves as non-executive chairman of Alphabet. 
John has been honored with numerous awards, including the 2017 Turing 
Award, joint with Patterson.

The abstract for his talk can be found below:

_Title_: The End of Moore's Law and Faster General Purpose Processors, 
and a New Road Forward
_Abstract_: After 40 years of remarkable progress in general-purpose 
processors, a variety of factors are combining to lead to a much slower 
rate of performance growth in the future. These limitations arise from 
three different areas: IC technology, architectural inefficiencies, and 
changing applications and usage. The end of Dennard scaling and the 
slowdown in Moore's Law will require much more efficient architectural 
approaches than we have relied on. Although progress on general-purpose 
processors may hit an asymptote,  domain specific architectures may be 
the one attractive path for important classes of problems, at least 
until we invent a flexible and competitive replacement for silicon.

We are looking forward to seeing you on May 1st at Stanford!

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