[P4-design] sharing the p4 spec source

Changhoon Kim chang at barefootnetworks.com
Sat Aug 15 02:50:00 EDT 2015


I'd like to share the latex source file of the current P4 spec. I suggest
we use a private repository under github.com/p4lang because we're already
keeping the current open source there too.

More specifically, I'm proposing the followings.

   - Create a new repo ("p4-spec") under p4lang and upload the current spec
   source files there
   - Create a new team ("p4-design") and add the p4 working-group members
   to the team
   - Attach team "p4-design" to repo "p4-spec" and give the team read-only

This way each member org will be able to fork its own snapshot from
"p4-spec", import it into its own git space, and produce a draft spec
independently. Once we approve the draft spec and decide to merge it to the
master copy, then we can use the merge process across git spaces.

To do this, I'll need your github user names. If you want direct access to
the spec source file, please reply to me with your github user name.


-- Chang
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