[P4-design] P4 working meeting

Changhoon Kim chang at barefootnetworks.com
Tue Jun 30 21:17:27 EDT 2015

Dear (potential) P4 working group members,

The followings are the logistics for the working meetings.

- 4 - 6pm, every other Monday, starting on July 6th (Monday)
- Gates 104, Stanford University

Please suggest agenda items for the first few working meetings either by
replying to this thread or sending email directly to me. I'll compile them
and present the list at our first meeting.

I'm still working on the mailing list dedicated for this group. Once we
have that, we'll be able to communicate more efficiently.

As we agreed, it'd be very important to have only active contributors in
the meeting so that we could build a tightly-woven fast-moving working
group. Hence, I'd appreciate if you *avoid* forwarding this email or
inviting others to the working meetings without coordinating with me.

Looking forward to meeting you all at the first meeting next Monday.


-- Chang
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