[P4-design] [REMINDER] CALL FOR TALKS & DEMOS: P4 Workshop - May 24, 2016 @ Stanford University.

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Dear P4 Designers:

We are writing to remind you that the deadline for submitting proposals 
for Talksand Demosfor the P4 Workshop 2016 is coming up soon: Tuesday, 
March 15, 2016.

The third P4 Workshop will focus on technical content relevant to P4 
Developers, Users and Vendors.**We have a booked a large separate hall 
for P4 Demos, allowing us to run demos all day, giving more time for 
interaction between developers and demos.

A few things to note:


    Annual Workshop:This will be the only P4 workshop in 2016. We are
    not planning a November workshop like in 2015.


    Dedicated Space & Time for Demos:Large separate space for demos with
    more time allocated so you can check the demos out.


    P4 Intro/Tutorial Day for Developers:The event lasts two days this time:


        Monday May 23, 2016: P4 Introduction and Tutorial Day for


        Tuesday May 24, 2016:P4 Workshop & All Day P4 Demo Expo.


    Talks & Demos:The Talks and Demos are during the P4 Workshop day, on
    May 24, 2016.


    Venue: The same location as last time: Arrillaga Alumni Center at
    Stanford University.

To submit a proposal please reply to this email (p4 at p4.org) by March 15, 
2016with the following details:

To propose a talk: Title, Abstract, Bio of the Speaker(s), Speaker(s) 
Photo, plus any other relevant information.  Please put 
"TALK-P4-WS-III:" at the beginning of the subject line.

To propose a demo: Title, Abstract, Presenter Name(s), Presenter 
Organization(s), plus any other relevant information. Please put 
"DEMO-P4-WS-III:" at the beginning of the subject line.

As always, we want to keep the workshop technical and focused on 
development use-cases, deployment, and research. Talks and Demos are a 
chance to showcase P4 in action rather than just product marketing. 
We’re particularly interested in Demos and Talks by people developing P4 
code for real systems, deployments, and interesting new use-cases.

Notice of acceptance will be communicated by March 31, 2016.


Nick McKeown, Jen Rexford, Gordon Brebner & Dan Daly.

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