[P4-design] Portable Switch Architecture proposal

David George david.george at netronome.com
Fri Nov 4 03:32:39 EDT 2016

Hello all

I have never been a fan of direct counters/meters. I think these can be
achieved pretty easily by programming the rule index as an action parameter
and declaring the counter/meter as an array the same size as the table. You
then don't have to rely on any implicit behaviour.

I see that direct registers have been scrapped.

David George

On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 6:57 AM, Calin Cascaval <
cascaval at barefootnetworks.com> wrote:

> Hello P4 designers,
> We made some progress toward defining the standard switch architecture
> (therein named Portable Switch Architecture in order to avoid the
> overbearing connotations of the word Standard) and I would like to propose
> that we set aside some time to discuss the attached proposal at our next
> working group meeting on Mon 11/7. Early feedback is welcomed and
> encouraged.
> --
> Thanks, Calin
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