[P4-design] Portable Switch Architecture proposal

Nick McKeown nickm at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 4 12:24:27 EDT 2016

Thanks, Calin and team. I think this is a very good direction to go. We 
need to find the right blend of portability, while still allowing for 
different architectures. Having a base set of functions created for a 
baseline/portable architecture - features that we can expect to work on 
a variety of forwarding planes - will let different teams write code 
they can expect to re-use (completely or mostly). I think we're all 
conscious of not trying to boil the ocean; the proposal seems like a 
good step forward.

Over time, I expect/hope there will be other baseline architectures for 
P4-16, representing different use cases. For now, I like the idea of 
focusing on something as you propose, to get the ball rolling and help 
us build a community together.

As for a name, I think Portable or Baseline or PISA are all good. PISA 
has the advantage of being known already and used in the context of 
P4-14, and so would be my preference. It would also help PISA to be a 
generic name for an architecture, rather than just a name for one design.


- Nick

On 11/3/16 9:57 PM, Calin Cascaval wrote:
> Hello P4 designers,
> We made some progress toward defining the standard switch architecture 
> (therein named Portable Switch Architecture in order to avoid the 
> overbearing connotations of the word Standard) and I would like to 
> propose that we set aside some time to discuss the attached proposal 
> at our next working group meeting on Mon 11/7. Early feedback is 
> welcomed and encouraged.
> --
> Thanks, Calin
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