[P4-design] New version of P4-16 spec published on github

Andy Keep (akeep) akeep at cisco.com
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On October 9, 2016 at 2:46:01 PM, Mihai Budiu (mbudiu at vmware.com<mailto:mbudiu at vmware.com>) wrote:
I apologize, the push command had actually failed, and I didn’t check.
Hopefully it should be in the repository now. Thank you for catching this relatively so soon.


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Hey Mihai,

Where is this at?  I don't see a new push on the master branch, and when I drop down the branches on the main p4lang/p4-spec repository on github I only see the branches: master, p4_14_v1_0_3, and v1_0_3.

I ask partially because I had some editing feedback for the previous version that I was hoping to share, it'll be more useful if I update it to reflect your most recent commit.


On October 7, 2016 at 3:20:30 PM, Mihai Budiu (mbudiu at vmware.com<mailto:mbudiu at vmware.com>) wrote:
I have pushed a new version, labeled with today’s date (Oct 7).
Here are the most important changes:

- Reduced number and unified checksum unit examples
- Errors now are in a separate error namespace
- fixed typos that prevented simple switch example from compiling
- relaxed grammar to allow TYPE identifiers in more places if it is not ambiguous
- consistent use of compile-time known value
- fixed path prefix explanation
- explained visibility rules better (issue 77)
- added tuple<> type into the language (issue 59, 60, 57)
- allow _ in addition to default in keyset expressions (issue 56)
- allow annotations on block statements (may be needed to support @atomic for concurrency control issue #48)
- simplified action grammar: allow control flow statements
- remove use of the word prototype (issue 78)

As usual, I will reset change tracking, and the next version will be diff-ed from the current one.
Many thanks to all the contributors.

Mihai Budiu
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