[P4-design] P4 Formal semantics?

Rosu, Grigore grosu at illinois.edu
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Many thanks for the positive feedback, Nick (and others who responded privately).  I am not familiar enough with P4 myself, but my student started looking into and I will learn it by following his progress. Basically all we needed to know was that if ask questions like "what is the meaning of this?" or "is this well-defined or not?" then we get some answers relatively quickly, so we can move on.  Now we know there is interest, so we will go ahead with it.  If anybody else is interested to stay in the loop, please let us know in private, to minimize spam.


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Grigore - this is a really awesome proposal :) Personally, I'd love to see this happen. Let's explore to see how this would work. Are you familiar enough with P4 already to feel comfortable this is doable? What kind of support will you need from this group (or the community at large)?

- Nick

On 10/17/16 2:30 PM, Rosu, Grigore wrote:
Dear P4 Designers,

I have a PhD student who is looking for a topic and, after some discussion with Nikolaj Bjorner, we think that defining a formal semantics to P4 could be a timely and useful project.  Note that we would do it using the K framework (http://kframework.org), so the semantics would immediately yield a series of formal analysis tools for P4, such as simulator/interpreter, symbolic execution, bounded model checking, symbolic model checking, and even a deductive verifier.  Our overall paradigm is explained on this wikipage: http://fsl.cs.illinois.edu/index.php/Programming_Language_Design_and_Semantics.

The main question right now is whether you think this is a worthwhile thing to do right now, or we should better wait a bit longer until things stabilize.  On the other hand, note that giving a formal semantics in K is a rather lightweight process, nothing comparable with doing the same thing in Coq or Isabelle (for example, it took only 4 months to define the K semantics of JavaScript ES5), so it can be used as an active means to even design P4 itself.  So in case we go ahead with it, it would be great if some of you would like to get involved as well, to make sure we stay on the right track.  My student would do most of the K "coding", but you and I would supervise him to make sure he is doing the right thing right.


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