[P4-design] New version of the spec published

Mihai Budiu mbudiu at vmware.com
Thu Oct 20 12:36:44 EDT 2016

Hello everyone,

I have published a new version of the spec on the repository, dated Oct 20. This spec contains lots of contributions from many people (thank you!). Since some people sent me Word diffs based on the earlier spec versions (not the latest one), unfortunately this version will also show more changes than necessary - but it's not missing any changes. I will again reset change tracking in the word document - the next set of changes will be with respect to Oct 20 if people send me diffs with respect to this version. But this may be unnecessary - read below.

This is the list of the most important changes:
* Separated "target" and "architecture"
* Bug fixes in grammar
* Only one checksum unit example
* Oxford ", and" fixes
* fix various small typos
* rewrote section on concurrency, added @atomic annotation
* made -16 and -14 into subscripts
* some additions in the preprocessor section (#ifndef, #elif, removal of backslash-newline)
* Bug fixes in the definition of integer literals: all literals are positive
* Removed duplicate section about tuple expressions; the description in the section about select expressions is sufficient
* allow empty select case lists
* packet length is expressed in bytes
* reformatted reserved keywords into 3 columns instead of a table

If we are planning to move to a text+markup-based representation of the spec (as discussed on the mailing list), I propose to freeze the spec as it is for a few days until the conversion is done and the new structure is in the repository. Then we will be able to take contributions as pull requests; hopefully the github diff will be good enough to track changes.

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