[P4-design] Architecture Working Group Co-Chair

Nate Foster jnfoster at cs.cornell.edu
Tue Jul 25 18:50:10 EDT 2017

Dear P4 enthusiasts,

I am delighted to announce that Andy Fingerhut has agreed to join Calin
Cascaval as co-chair of the P4 Architecture Working Group. Andy is
replacing Dan Daly, who was one of the authors of the SIGCOMM CCR paper
that introduced P4 and has also made many contributions to the community
over the years. Dan plans to stay involved as a member of the working group.

Andy is a Principal Engineer at Cisco. He has nearly two decades of
experience in the networking industry and has deep insights into hardware
and software issues. Those of you who have been following recent work on P4
will know that Andy has already made significant contributions to the P4_16
Language Specification and the Portable Switch Architecture (PSA). He seems
to have a endless supply of energy, answering questions on the P4 mailing
lists and pushing commits to the GitHub repository at all hours of the day
(and night).

Please join me in thanking Dan for his service to the P4 community and in
welcoming Andy to this new role.

...and if you would like to get involved in the activities of the working
group, please sign up for the mailing list here: http://

Best regards,
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