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All, here is the subscription link: http://lists.p4.org/mailman/listinfo/p4-arch_lists.p4.org <http://lists.p4.org/mailman/listinfo/p4-arch_lists.p4.org>

Thanks, Calin

> On Jun 2, 2017, at 09:54, Calin Cascaval <cascaval at barefootnetworks.com> wrote:
> Dear P4 designers,
> The p4-arch mailing list has been established to provide a forum for P4 architecture discussions. The list is open to members of P4.org <http://p4.org/> only. Please join if you are willing to shape how P4 will enable a variety of targets. 
> One topic that we started discussing in the P4 language design working group, is of course the Portable Switch Architecture (PSA). We would like to kick off the discussion in the earnest so that we can complete a first public draft of the PSA specification by the end of June, so that we can enable P4_16 programs on the PSA.
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> Thanks, Calin

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