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Nate Foster jnfoster at cs.cornell.edu
Wed Jun 21 12:39:57 EDT 2017

Dear P4 Designers,

A quick update on our plans for the P4 Language Design Working Group over
the next few months.

* We'll take a hiatus from in-person meetings / video conferences for the

* However, we don't plan to take a hiatus from work! We encourage small
groups of people continue working on tasks such as the following:
- Identifying and fixing small issues with the specification.
- Experimenting with new architectures (working in tandem with the
Architecture WG, chaired by Calin Cascaval and Dan Daly).
- Improving p4c and bmv2.
- Addressing some of the open issues we left pending in the push to release
the specification in May.

* We plan to do a maintenance release of the language specification in
early August, fixing typos and addressing other small issues that have been
identified by then.

* If and when there are concrete proposals for language enhancements, we
will reconvene the Working Group, probably sometime in September.

Please feel free to let Gordon and me know if you are planning to work on
such enhancements -- it helps for us to be aware of who is doing what. For
example, this July a small group of us are planning to look into how P4_16
can be used to write modular programs -- e.g., to enable extending a large
program like switch.p4 in a compositional way.

Nate & Gordon
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