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Nate Foster jnfoster at cs.cornell.edu
Tue Jul 31 10:12:55 EDT 2018

Dear P4 Enthusiasts,

We've created a new page on the P4.org website with a listing of P4-related
publications: https://p4.org/publications. We hope this list will be
helpful for tracking ongoing progress as the language continues to gain
momentum across industry and academia.

Right now, the list is far from incomplete so I'd like to ask for your help
filling it out. If you know of a paper that would be suitable for this list
please send me email with the bibliographic data formatted in YAML like


Alternatively, if you are a GitHub user, feel free to create a pull request
directly against the repository.

We are happy to list any P4-related papers that have appeared at a
reasonable publication venue (e.g., all ACM and IEEE events meet this
standard). However, we won't list unpublished technical reports, papers
uploaded to arXiv, or marketing materials.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Best wishes,
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