[P4-design] change monthly P4 lang Monday meeting time?

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Tue Jan 8 08:17:19 EST 2019

I and Alex discussed changes to the P4-16 spec.   I updated Issue 342 for
what changes in the spec.


We can make the Monday January 14 at 9AM PST meeting.






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How about we have a special meeting to discuss issue 383 on Monday January
14 at 9AM?

If you cannot prepare a PR against the P4-16 spec we can do it on January 28
instead. (Jan 21 is a holiday in the US.)




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Subject: [P4-design] change monthly P4 lang Monday meeting time?




My colleague is 8 hours ahead of U.S. EST and would like to attend the P4
Language Design meeting.  This meeting is typically held on the first Monday
of each month.   


Would it be possible to change the meeting start time from 4:30 pm EST to 12
or 1 pm EST?  I don't want to use SurveyMonkey because it asks a lot of
questions to setup an account.






MNK Consulting



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