[P4-design] February LDWG Meeting

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Hi Nate,


Sounds good, thanks.  Also, Calin reviewed two of the three PRs – thanks, Calin.




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These are issues with the compiler not the spec... so I don't think they should be added to the LDWG Wiki.


I took a quick look. There seem to still be some questions raised by the reviewers for all three PRs that need to be addressed. 




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It is makes sense, I’d add these PR to the notes because neither reviewers are providing comments nor approving the PRs. 











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Hi everyone,

This is a reminder that our monthly LDGW meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 3 at 11am-12:30 PDT.


The meeting will be held on Zoom: https://VMware.zoom.us/j/391992554


A list of open issues is avialable on the p4-spec Wiki: https://github.com/p4lang/p4-spec/wiki/Language-Design-Working-Group


Hope to see some of you there.


Best wishes,

Nate & Mihai

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