[P4-dev] First Open Source Contribution to P4.org!

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Wed Apr 1 18:31:46 EDT 2015

The P4 Language Consortium is pleased to announce its first open-source 
software contribution, which isfree for anyone to use or modify. We hope 
this is the first of many future contributions from many sources in 
industry and academia.

The contributed code includes:

 1. Example P4 programs including a data-center switch definition.
 2. A P4 compiler to turn P4 programs into an executable software switch.
 3. An Environment to run the P4 software switch standalone or in Mininet.

The compiler generates a run-time API to make the switch easy to 
control. It also generates a Table Dependency Graph to guide the back 
end target-specific compiler.For example, you could use the P4 compiler 
as the front end for a different target switch (hardware or software), 
or you could create new debugging and verification tools for the ecosystem.

We hope this code inspires you and encourages you to contribute 
improvements and new tools.

The following source code (contributed by Barefoot Networks) is 
primarily licensed under Apache 2.0.

   - P4 compiler front-end (confirming to spec v1.0.2)

   - P4 compiler back-end for P4 Soft Switch Model

   - P4 Table Graph generator

   - P4 Model Repository
      - Includes 3 example P4 programs
          - simple_router (A simple example P4 program showing just 
ethernet+ipv4 packet switching)
          - basic_routing (A basic L2/L3 switch)
          - dc_example (A light version of a Data Center Switch)
- Soft Switch Model
     - Mininet integration (Allows for building a simple network 
topology using the simple_router model)

Please go to Code <http://p4.org/code.html> section of P4.org 
<http://p4.org/index.html> for details on getting this code.

Stay tuned as there are more updates and contributions coming.

Go ahead, clone the repos, and propel your networking creativity to a 
new level.

Happy coding in P4,
Nick McKeown,
Board Member,
The P4 Language Consortium

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