[P4-dev] Auto-Generation of APIs from P4 programs!

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Mon Apr 13 13:01:34 EDT 2015

The P4 Language Consortium welcomes the following open source 
contribution showcasing auto-generation of Open Compute Project's (OCP) 
Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) APIs.

The contributed code includes:

1. A p4 program that defines tables and a logical pipeline that can be 
used to generate the SAI APIs
2. The auto-generated C header file containing the auto-generated SAI APIs.

The p4 program can be used to generate a soft-switch which can be used 
for building sample applications on top of SAI APIs and also test 
applications for conformance to SAI. We hope this code will help the SAI 
effort at OCP in it's test and conformance framework development.

The code is available here 
<https://github.com/p4lang/p4factory/tree/master/targets/sai_p4>. The 
SAI.p4 program is here 
and the header file containing the auto-generated APIs is here 

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