[P4-dev] simple router example - adding entries to the source_mac_rewrite table

Salvatore Signorello salvatore.signorello at uni.lu
Mon Apr 27 17:07:50 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I've run smoothly the Mininet integration demo for the target "simple
router" provided with the p4factory software-bundle, but I need some
help to understand the run_add_demo_entries.sh script's content.
Especially I care about the first two lines used to fill the
"send_frame" table:

python ../../cli/pd_cli.py -p simple_router -i pd_thrift.simple_router
-s $PWD/of-tests:$PWD/../../submodules/oft-infra -m "add_entry
send_frame 1 rewrite_mac 00:aa:bb:00:00:00" -c localhost:22222
python ../../cli/pd_cli.py -p simple_router -i pd_thrift.simple_router
-s $PWD/of-tests:$PWD/../../submodules/oft-infra -m "add_entry
send_frame 1 rewrite_mac 00:aa:bb:00:00:01" -c localhost:22222

where the add_entry command seems to fill twice the same entry but with
two different MAC addresses. As regards the "add_entry", I'm referring
to the syntax found into the p4factory/cli/pd_cli.py that follows:

def do_add_entry(self, line):
    Adds an entry with the specified MATCH_FIELDS, ACTION_NAME and
    ACTION_PARAMETERS to TABLE_NAME. Prints the entry handle of the
newly added

Should not the egress port be different for those entries? How does it
work the rewriting using the so-defined entries?

Thank you in advance for any hint,
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