[P4-dev] New target contribution - sai_p4.

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Thu Apr 30 17:23:28 EDT 2015

The P4 Language Consortium is pleased to announce the following open 
source contribution - sai_p4 target.

 1. Update to p4c-behavioral, the P4 compiler back-end for soft-switch
    model, enabling
     1. Auto-generation of SAI API headers from sai_p4.p4 program.
     2. Generation of soft-switch realizing the pipeline described in
        sai_p4.p4 program
 2. A Thrift based test framework, enabling
     1. Basic testing of the generated SAI APIs with traffic switched by
        generated Soft-Switch
     2. Currently the framework includes a couple of tests (L2Test & L3Test)

The contributed code is part of the p4factory 
<https://github.com/p4lang/p4factory> repository and is available under 
the sai_p4 
<https://github.com/p4lang/p4factory/tree/master/targets/sai_p4> target 

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