[P4-dev] storing field_list_calculation into a metadata field

LJ Wobker ljw at barefootnetworks.com
Wed Aug 19 07:26:01 EDT 2015

Per section 2.4 & 3 of the spec, you should be able to use

*field_list_calculation* *output_value*

 to obtain a hash value from your set of fields.  The output of this
(output_value) can then be referenced in action primitives…

field_list *something* {






field_list_calculation *output_value* {

    input {



    algorithm : crc32;

    output_width : 32;


modify_field (salvatores_metadata.hashfield, *output_value*)

// “salvatores_metadata.hashfield” is a 32b field defined in the metadata
header somewhere…

Have you tried this and found it not to be working?  I didn’t pull this
from working code, but it should be pretty close…


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Hi all,

is there any way to store the hash of a fields list (so a field list

calculation) into a metadata field for further matching into a table?

The signature of the primitive action "modify_field" does not accept a

field list as src parameter. Could please someone point out if there was

any specific rationale for not allowing such thing?

Note: I still refer to the old specification (ver 1.0.2).




Salvatore Signorello

PhD student @ SecanLab

Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust

SnT, University of Luxembourg



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