[P4-dev] P4 Workshop on June 04, 2015

P4.org p4 at p4.org
Mon Jul 6 18:40:55 EDT 2015

Hello Everyone!

P4.org had its first ever P4 Workshop on June 04, 2015 at Stanford 
University. The workshop was hosted by Nick McKeown and Jen Rexford. It 
was well attended with over 100 people from Industry and Academia 
participating. There were exciting talks, a very lively panel discussion 
and eleven demos even. For more details, check out the blog post written 
by Jen and Nick on the workshop. We have collected the presentations for 
the talks from the workshop and posted them on our website. We are 
working on getting the Demo videos on our site too. We will send an 
update when they are posted.

Jen and Nick's blog post on the workshop: 
The P4 Workshop Agenda and Slides: http://p4.org/p4-workshop/


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