[P4-dev] storing metadata while parsing header stacks

Salvatore Signorello salvatore.signorello at uni.lu
Fri Jul 17 03:56:14 EDT 2015

Hi all,
any advice for the following:

Suppose to have an MPLS stack parsed as follows:

#define MPLS_DEPTH 5
header mpls_t mpls[MPLS_DEPTH];

parser parse_mpls{
        return select(latest.bos){
            0 : parse_mpls;
            1 : parse_mpls_bos;

and that you would like to know (and to store somewhere, like into a
metadata block) how many MPLS headers (a number that is likely lower
than MPLS_DEPTH) have been parsed at the end of the parsing process.
What to do?
Could metadata be used like a kind of counter?
Could register be indexed somehow during the parsing and set through the

Thank you in advance,
Salvatore Signorello
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