[P4-dev] Doubts regarding counters/registers/meters usage

Swaroop Thool swaroopthool1991 at outlook.com
Wed Jul 29 14:09:46 EDT 2015

Hello everyone,

I am using p4 language and bit confuse to use counters/meters/register in my experiment code. I have few doubts:
1) How counter/register works? Is it invoked by table when we include "count(C-REF,1)" in action of that table OR it invokes table mentioned in its definition?
2) How to store new value in counter if I create counter array of 500 by "instance_count : 500"? and to which location it get stored for example, value 40 ? 
3) What count(C-REF, 1) actually do and involves which value? 
4) Is there any way where I can compare values among no.of different counter arrays? and can print it?
5) Please shed light on direct and static table types in counter/register

Swaroop Thool
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