[P4-dev] P4.org Mailing Lists : Outage and Migration.

p4 at p4.org p4 at p4.org
Mon Feb 1 18:31:36 EST 2016

Dear P4 Community,

We have experienced an outage in our mailing lists service over the  
weekend due to an incident at our Mailman service provider. We have  
now migrated our mailing lists over to a new provider and the mailing  
lists are now active.

Old mailing lists (deleted and non-functional): p4-announce at p4.org,  
p4-dev at p4.org, p4-discuss at p4.org

New mailing lists (active): p4-announce at lists.p4.org,  
p4-dev at lists.p4.org, p4-discuss at lists.p4.org

Please note the change in domain name in the mailing list addresses,  
from ... at p4.org to ... at lists.p4.org. We've migrated almost all the  
subscribers to the new lists. We are continuing to work on restoring  
archives and membership lists. Please do spread the word so your  
friends and colleagues can make sure they are on the new lists.  
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

You can find details of all our mailing lists now at http://lists.p4.org

Thank you,

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