[P4-dev] p4-hlir: branching on selected actions in the p4v1.1 branch

Robert Halstead robert.halstead at xilinx.com
Tue Feb 16 12:58:29 EST 2016


    I'm using the p4v1.1 branch under p4lang/p4-hlir. When I run p4-validate on a program with an action in the apply_and_select_block I get the following error:
        NotImplementedError: semantic check method was not implemented for <class 'p4_hlir.frontend.ast.P4RefExpression'>

    It looks like a lot of RefExpression checks were removed from the semantic_check.py file. I assume that's where the issue stems from. Is this just something that hasn't been updated yet?

    I've attached a sample file which replicates my issue just in case.

    Also I noticed the following lines are duplicated in the master branch of p4lang/p4-hlir:

Thank you,
Robert Halstead.

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