[P4-dev] bug in cli/pd_thrift_client.py?

Ronald van der Pol Ronald.vanderPol at rvdp.org
Thu Feb 18 14:44:54 EST 2016

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 11:04:36 -0800, Antonin Bas wrote:

> Hi Ronald,
> I pushed a fix for this:
> https://github.com/p4lang/p4factory/commit/2fce7d46bdf6046fb5f3a35a7750e4d553422a8c
> This extra parameter is the max length of the returned string, so I am not
> sure 0 should work (I hard-coded it to 4096).


> This CLI was mostly meant to be used with the first version of the software
> switch (bmv1), which we are about to deprecate. bmv1 will not support
> future versions of the P4 language and all the development effort now goes
> to bmv2, written in C++.
> David Hancock sent a great email yesterday to the p4-dev mailing list,
> explaining how to get started with bmv2:
> http://lists.p4.org/pipermail/p4-dev_lists.p4.org/2016-February/000161.html

Ah, I missed that (I noticed today that I was dropped of this list).
I read about bmv2, but I was not sure if it was already integrated with
the rest of the ecosystem and examples. I assumed it was safer to start
with the old one. I'll experiment with bmv2 tomorrow.


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