[P4-dev] Modifying behavioral-model codebase to be more general

Gordon Bailey gb at gordonbailey.net
Mon Feb 22 14:17:17 EST 2016


I'm currently working on a project modelling network devices in SystemC, 
and we are interested in using P4 (specifically the behavioral-model 
codebase) for the behavioral component of our simulation models. To 
implement all of the features which we are interested in, some 
modifications to behavioral-model would be required. One example is that 
we are interested in modelling memory performance, and so we need to use 
our own trie and hashtable structures which interact with our memory 
model, but the current behavioral-model does not allow specifying the 
implementations of the various data structures. For this particular 
problem I would be interested in modifying the code to allow the user to 
provide a factory class (or something similar) for creating the 

My question is if the maintainers would be open to these types of 
contributions, and if so, what would be the process to propose and 
discuss new features?

Thanks for your time,


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