[P4-dev] invalid index for indirect counter crashes both CLI and switch

Salvatore Signorello salvatore.signorello at uni.lu
Tue Jun 7 01:43:18 EDT 2016

Dear all,

as the subject says, if you define an indirect counter and access it 
through the CLI by specifying an invalid index (CLI's counter_read 
command), both the CLI and the bmv2 will crash (The same does not happen 
with direct counter for which the CLI gives you back an "invalid entry 
handle" error message when you try to access an nonexistent entry).

You have a trivial code in attach to reproduce the issue. The indirect 
counter in the code is called 'indirect_counter', type the following on 
the CLI to see what happens:

"counter_read indirect_counter 1"

It's a minor thing, but I think it's worth reporting it anyway.

Salvatore Signorello
PhD student of the SEDAN research group at SnT

Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
University of Luxembourg

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