[P4-dev] setup script for bmv2 compiler

Salvatore Signorello salvatore.signorello at uni.lu
Wed Mar 9 09:17:24 EST 2016

Hi all,

after an update of the repo (https://github.com/p4lang/p4c-bm), I'm not 
able anymore to properly install the python module. In detail, I have 
some problems with the additional code that was recently added to the 
setup.py script
(commit c7339080b2276967d6313d7a054e9e841d8fecd3) to create and execute 
the EggInfoCommand class as cmd.

 From a quick investigation, it seems that easy_install builds 
everything correctly under the local build directory, but then it 
doesn't copy the files under the python-dist directory. (It could 
probably be a problem with my environment)
Follow some details about my dev environment to eventually 
reproduce/troubleshoot the issue; if you need more, please don't 
hesitate to ask:

Ubuntu 14.04
Python 2.7.6
setuptools 3.3

Commenting  the "cmd_class" option inside the setup script has solved 
the problem in my case. Which was the purpose of this extension?
Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Sorry for any silly question/assumption, but I'm not quite familiar with 
packaging modules in python,

Salvatore Signorello
PhD student of the SEDAN research group at SnT

Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
University of Luxembourg

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