[P4-dev] Reg: Execution Error P4 program

Mohan Krishna mohankrishna290787 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 09:27:57 EDT 2016


I am getting this particular issue during the time of execution, when i try
to use primitive actions such such as add_header, remove_header, add etc. I
have compiled the code for bmv2.

modify_field, add_to_field and other existing
root at p4:/opt/p4/bmv2/targets/simple_router# ./simple_router --log-console
-i 0 at veth0 -i 1 at veth2 -i 2 at veth4 -i 3 at veth6 -i 4 at veth8 -i 5 at veth10 -i
6 at veth12 -i 7 at veth14 -i 8 at veth16 -i 64 at veth250 --thrift-port 9091 --pcap $*
--nanolog ipc:///tmp/bmv2-1-notifications.ipc simple_router.json
*Unknown primitive action: add*

Seems strange, and might be trivial. Can anyone please suggest what could
be wrong ?

Thanks & Regards,
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