[P4-dev] Error when running 'make p4ofagent' with bmv2 support

Sandaruwan Jayaweera sandaruwangayantha at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 05:48:19 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I am trying to use bmv2 with openflow support. When I try to install
p4ofagent using,

*git submodule update --init --recursive*


*./configure **CPPFLAGS=-D_BMV2_ *

*make p4ofagent*

I get the error,

*In file included from src/callbacks.c:21:0:src/state.h: At top
level:src/state.h:31:31: fatal error: bm/pdfixed/pd_pre.h: No such file or
directory #include <bm/pdfixed/pd_pre.h>*

Then I manually copied the bm file in behavioral-model/pdfixed/include into
p4ofagent/inc. After that I was able to install p4ofagent.

Can anyone give any hints? Have I done something wrong while building?

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