[P4-dev] switch.p4 - how to ping

Regis Martins regisftm at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 07:42:54 EDT 2017

Hiya fellas!

I'm new with P4 and I'm trying to make a very simple scenario to work:


My mission now is, from host 1, ping host 2. (but using switch.p4)

I cloned, at first, the behavioral-model and the p4c-bm and ran the
l2_switch, and after configuring the correct mc_mgrp, I could ping h1 to h2.

Then, I cloned the switch (switch.p4), compiled it with no erros and tried
to run it.
It seems fine, but no ping.

I also tried cloning the whole p4factory, same result.

I can imagine that I'm missing a lot of information here. But, please, let
me know what else is important and I will provide.

Thanks first!

*Regis Martins*
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