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Thanks for the reply,

Do you know some switches that can support P4 natively?

Probably OpenSwitch requires too much capabilities because the board only offers 512KB of flash and 128KB of RAM

The Makefile for the Zodiac firware defines:

ARMGCC = arm-none-eabi-
CC = $(ARMGCC)gcc

So, a cross compilation should be possible unless it's impossible to satisfy all the dependencies..correct me if i am wrong.


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As far as I know, now there are few switch with Tofino chip embedded can support P4 (native)

However, you can also try using OpenSwitch + bmv2 for your hardware switch

Zodiac FX is programmable I think, but you still need a backend compiler to compile HLIR to Zodiac binary (ARM Cortex-M4)


2017-04-19 5:47 GMT-07:00 Bortoli, Tomas <tomas.bortoli at sit.fraunhofer.de<mailto:tomas.bortoli at sit.fraunhofer.de>>:
Hi all,

I am looking for information on how a P4 program can be actually compiled and flashed in a hardware switch (for example the Zodiac FX). Anybody can help ?

Thanks in advance,

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