[P4-dev] Timestamping Feature Pull Request

Michael B micha3008 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 08:13:23 EDT 2017


We are undergraduate students from the Technion - Israel Institute of

We created a new pull request to the P4 simple switch, in which we have
added a new intrinsic metadata field called 'time_of_day'.

The time_of_day field is 64 bits long, of which the upper 32 are the number
of seconds since the epoch, and the lower 32 are the fraction of a second.
Both fields are taken at the moment the packet enters the switch.

The time-of-day metadata can be used as part of the P4 match procedure.

We are submitting a pull request in order to change the simple_switch.cpp
and simple_switch.h files with our altered ones.

Additionally, we created a demo that uses the time-of-day metadata to
perform load balancing in a round-robin like fashion.

Link to the simulation github and a detailed readme:


Michael Bunin and Elad Galili

P.S. : Our github currently links to our fork of the behavioral model
directory. This link will be updated if and once the pull request is
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