[P4-dev] Packet manipulation with P4_16 and eBPF

Ulmen, Tanja tanja.ulmen at rwth-aachen.de
Fri Aug 4 08:14:21 EDT 2017


is it possible to change packets using P4_16 and eBPF? If I understand it correctly it is only possible to work with the ebpf_model.p4 that is a pure packet filter that only accepts or rejects packets. If I try to compile a P4_16 program to eBPF that includes some packet manipulation and deparsing I get different errors:

"error: Expected toplevel package package XY to have 2 parameters"

If I try to create a new package model with parser, pipe and deparser.

"error: Expected control block to have exactly 2 parameters"
If I try to circumvent the new package model by including the emit calls in the control part, because then I have the Parsed_packet, packet_out and OutControl as parameters.

Thus, the ebpf compiler backend only accepts the ebpf_model.p4 right? Or is there a way to implement such a behavior by using P4_16 and eBPF?


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