[P4-dev] new p4c compiler

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That worked - thanks so much for the expedited reply! 




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You can probably just run


cmake ..




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Subject: [P4-dev] new p4c compiler


I downloaded the p4c compiler today and was shocked to see that its past
"configure", the "build" directory etc. are all gone.  Now the compiler
wants the user to create the "build" directory and then invoke the following
cmake command.  


[-DENABLE_DOCS=ON (default off)] [-DENABLE_P4RUNTIME_TO_PD=OFF (default on)]


What is CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX so that one can figure out what path to
provide?  Is the path where cmake is installed?  Further, the cmake on my
Ubuntu 16.04 fails with "bash: syntax error near unexpected token '('.   


At least, an example of cmake with a "<path>"  should be included in the
README so that folks can get an idea.  


This version of the compiler is really not usable.   Please help.



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